The Red Hook Film Festival

The Red Hook Film Festival showcases the work of established and evolving directors, including a program of student films from the community.

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Hook Trail

The Hook Trail concept and initiative were created on behalf of the town, the area and its residents to improve the quality of life in our community!

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Community Recreation Center at St. Margaret’s

The proposed project Community Recreation Center (CRC) at St. Margaret’s mission is to bring people together and enhance the quality of life in our Red Hook community.

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Community Recreation Center at St. Margaret’s

The Red Hook Play House proposed project is for a community-based theater that showcases local talent, international talent and will host our Red Hook Film Festival among many other events.

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About the Proposed Project Community Recreation Center at St. Margaret’s

Located in the historic Hudson Valley, just 90 miles north of Manhattan, is Red Hook — a distinct haven settled within an idyllic landscape of apple and peach orchards, and vegetable, dairy, sheep and cattle farms. Gifted with the ever-inspirational Hudson River and Catskill Mountain views, Red Hook and its surrounding area is a sanctuary, offering a splendor of celestial skies, vibrant, ever-changing vegetation, flowing streams and topographical diversity that makes for wonderful sport and inspiration all year-round. Centuries ago, prominent artists of the famed Hudson River School came to immortalize the pastoral magic in their art, and today urban New Yorkers continually drift northward seeking respite in the breathtaking landscapes and homegrown, community feel fostered across the region by the proud residents, many of whom have made this their home for generations.


Let’s inspire our community and be part of the greater good…

Join us at one of our Open Houses:

November 18th @ 6PM-8PM

November 26th @ 2PM-4PM

December 16th @ 6PM-8PM