Film Festival / Art / Culture

The Red Hook Film Festival

The Red Hook Film Festival is a wonderful festival in the charming Hudson Valley in the village of Red Hook, New York, near the cultural hub of Bard College. The Red Hook Film Festival features short and independently produced films by established and evolving directors.


Trail System / Wellness / Tourism

Hook Trail

Red Hook has the potential to offer one of the finest walking, hiking, and biking trails in Dutchess County and New York State.


Community Growth / Education / Entertainment

Community Recreation Center at St. Margaret’s

Skating will be free of charge to Town of Red Hook residents, with a low fee charged for skate rentals and special events. We currently project about 40-50% of visitors will be paying out-of-towners. Running the facility will require 15-20 part-time jobs. There will be special skateboarding events with corporate sponsorship, periodic special events, and modest fees for birthday party usage.


Entertainment / Arts / Music

The Red Hook Play House

The Red Hook Play House is a community-based theater that showcases local and international talent. The Red Hook Play House is our first creative venue in the Village of Red Hook and will host our Red Hook Film Festival among many other events. The Red Hook Play House has its own in-house drama and dance company.