Our Vision

To bring people from all ages together to enjoy their community.

Our Story

Since the summer of 2015, countless numbers of town residents, local business owners, the Rotary Club, and politicians have come forward to give passionate support for the rink concept. Some have also offered professional support through labor and/or services, such as Todd Denu at TCS Spring Water in Rhinebeck, who has graciously offered to provide all the water needed for the ice rink on an ongoing basis.

Meet the Team

Making a difference for the greater good of the Red Hook community and beyond.


Jennifer Ryan


Mother, community member and strategist.


Robert George

Founder & Head Chief

Local business owner and community visionary.


Rubi Rose

Creative Translator

Local photographer and filmmaker.

Create Change

Have you always wanted to contribute to your community? Now, you can by contributing to our proposed community projects.


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